What is Gluten?

What is Gluten?

Have you ever wondered what gluten really is? Are you actually aware of all the different things that contain gluten? Perhaps if you are gluten sensitive or know someone who is gluten sensitive, you have thought about researching this term.

Read on; not only is the answer to this question given below, but also certain gluten-containing products are discussed.

Gluten is a protein that is found in certain grains, breads and cereals. In fact, this protein creates the elastic texture of dough. Besides this, gluten adds texture, flavor and chewiness to grains and baked goods. Obviously, gluten makes up an enormously large amount of the American diet.

Most people unconsciously depend on gluten because it is the main staple of American food. Plus, many of us associate gluten with all our favorite tasty foods like, pizza, pie, cake and cookies. However, the truth is, gluten not only makes you feel bad if you have Celiac Disease, but it also prevents you from losing weight, even if you are not sensitive to it.

Many people make it impossible for themselves to lose weight because of their high intake of gluten-filled foods. In America, if you are hungry, you will naturally fix yourself a sandwich or eat a donut. This tendency has caused most people to forget to eat the healthier, natural foods, such as, fruits, vegetables and nuts. These foods fill your body with good fat and healthy vitamins.

Processed and gluten-filled foods, on the other hand, fill your body with bad fat and, since the body doesn’t know what to do with it, the fat piles up inside you. If you continue to eat the typical American diet, you will make it especially difficult if not impossible to lose weight.

Gluten is contained in the most unusual products. For example, since it is a good flavor enhancer, gluten is used in bouillon, wines, coffees, dairy products and spice blends. Gluten is also used as a thickener in food products such as, broths, gravies and sauces. Certain brands of makeup and shampoo even contain gluten. It is definitely important to be aware of what is in foods and other products, especially if you are gluten intolerant.

More and more people are becoming familiar with the terms “gluten” or “gluten-free,” but very few actually know what the word means. Therefore, it is surprising to find out that gluten is protein and even more surprising to see how much gluten is used.

It is also a surprise to discover that gluten is so unhealthy for the body that it can even prevent you from losing weight. Because Celiac Disease and gluten-sensitivity are becoming common, it is mandatory that Americans become aware of the issue and do their best to find tasty, suitable substitutes for gluten.

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