Is Almond Milk Good for You?

Is Almond Milk Good for You?Many people who have Celiac’s Disease or gluten intolerance are finding that almond milk is a good alternative to cow’s milk. It is tasty and it looks like the real thing.

But, just what is almond milk? How is it made? Has it ever been used in the past? Is almond milk good for you? Now is the time to find the answers to these important questions…

Almond milk is a white, milky-tasting liquid made from ground almonds and water. Sometimes it is sweetened with sugar or cane juice. Some brands add chocolate or vanilla for a flavor variety.

Almond milk is made by first mixing finely ground almonds with water. Then, the liquid is strained in order to remove skins and chunks of nut flesh. Afterward, the mixture is chilled to give it an authentic milk feel as well as taste.

Most people think that almond milk is a new innovation; however, surprisingly, almond milk was used frequently in the past. As far back as the Middle Ages, people were substituting it for cow’s milk in their cooking. Peasants as well as royal chefs preferred cooking with almond milk because it stores so well.

How healthy is it? The main benefit of almond milk is its great nutritional value.

Almond milk is filled with vitamins and protein. It even has the same amount of calcium as cow’s milk. Also, it has very few calories compared with other milk substitutes.

If you have Celiac’s Disease or gluten intolerance, almond milk is a wonderful milk substitute to use. Not only is it made with all natural ingredients and loaded with nutritional value, but it is also so easy to make that anyone can do it at home.

Even in medieval times, people preferred cooking with almond milk because of its tastiness and durability. It is certainly a good alternative for those who are sensitive to gluten.

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