How To Eat Gluten Free: 8 Tips to Get Started

How To Eat Gluten Free

Gluten refers to a specific type of storage protein present inside grains. Grains utilize this protein for growing and to meet the nutritional requirements of a seed.

Nowadays, gluten free diets are well known around the world as a way to avoid the “allergenic” component as related to celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.  Learn more about how to eat to rid your life of gluten.

Tips On How to Eat Gluten Free – A Guideline for Beginners

Tip #1 Read Labels

Whenever shopping, watch for labels of gluten free food items and products. This is certainly the most straightforward way to stay away from gluten.

Since there is a heightened awareness of gluten intolerance, it is easier to find these special items for people suffering from celiac disease and intolerance.

You can also search for these items online since many products that are gluten free are clearly labeled “gluten free”. Forums, websites and gluten-free blogs abound as resources to understand what contains gluten and what does not.

#2 Reorganize your Pantry and Prepare your Kitchen

Once you’re diagnosed with celiac disease, or you’ve been sensitized to the protein gluten, you must alter your eating habits. To do this, you have to reorganize your pantry and remove specific gluten-containing items from the kitchen, including food additives and condiments.

#3 Compile a List of Restaurants with Gluten Free Options

Many restaurants and hotels are offering gluten free foods for the gluten sensitive. You can shortlist the places you frequent when dining with your family. Allergy Eats is a good resource for finding restaurants meeting your diet requirements.

#4 Learn and Share Recipes and Socialize with other Gluten-sensitive People

As you consciously alter your eating habits for the better, you have to be creative with your recipes. You can share get and share recipes and get innovative ideas from other’s recipes. I have written a book called Gluten Free with Love that can also help.

You will be able to find hundreds of websites, blogs and forums that offer hundreds of easy, creative recipes for sensitive consumers. These recipes are also nutritious, tasty and rich in nutrients. Here are some good gluten free websites (besides this one :->)

#5 Organic Meats and Fish can Help

Adding organic meats and fish is a great idea. These organic food resources are healthier than processed alternatives.  Certified organic meats come from animals that feed on plants and crops not influenced by growth hormones or other chemicals, hence should be free of harmful additives.

#6 You’re not Fighting ALONE

Once you are trying to go gluten free, it can be difficult for you to adapt the changes in your life. It may be difficult for your family as well. But in this race, you’re not running alone. Millions of consumers are suffering from the same problem.

There are several organizations that talk about avoiding the allergic food components. Several forums and organizations have been formed worldwide to assist the patients suffering from celiac disease and related gluten intolerances and those who are trying to avoid the gluten rich food items. So, don’t be afraid, you’re not struggling alone.

#7 Shun Gluten even in Other Household Products

If you are hypersensitive to gluten, you shouldn’t only concentrate on the gluten in your diet; rather, you should consider other household items that contain gluten as well. Makeups, soaps, and other household detergents can potentially contain gluten. Educate yourself about the guises of wheat products so that you can root them out of your life.

#8 Using Technology to Avoid Gluten

Several smartphone applications have been developed for different popular platforms and operating systems to assist people who want to stay off gluten. You can install the applications in your android smartphones, tablets, iPhones, iPad or even on a laptop.

These applications will act like your personal nutritionists; using these resources is now one of the easiest ways to lead a life without gluten protein. Here are two popular apps that you can potentially use (one for the iPhone and the other for the Android):

  1. Is it Gluten Free?
  2. Find me Gluten Free

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