Gluten-Free Yogurt – Great taste, Good for you


Yogurt is another staple ingredient that you can always find hanging around in our refrigerator. We use it for a snack food as well as a moisturizing ingredient for making meatballs, hamburgers, cornbread and cupcakes, just to name a few.

But, is yogurt safe for those who are highly sensitive to gluten? Does it present any problems to gluten-free eaters?

We like plain yogurt because it is cheap, it lasts a while and there are a thousand and one uses for it. We also get vanilla or fruit-flavored yogurt on occasion because everyone loves flavored yogurt for breakfast or a midday snack. Of course, you can always add fruit or flavoring to plain yogurt for a unique breakfast or snack, which is what we often do.

Yogurt never caused any problems for my family because we were only moderately sensitive to gluten. Besides, we mostly ate plain, unflavored yogurt. Plain yogurt should be perfectly safe, even for the highly gluten intolerant, since it is merely milk that has been fermented with good bacteria until it has thickened and developed a tangy “yogurt” taste. However, commercially offered yogurts that contain sweeteners and flavorings may sometimes contain gluten.

Also, all types of yogurt that are available in the stores, including plain yogurt, are subject to gluten cross-contamination. This will definitely trouble those of you who are highly gluten sensitive or have Celiac disease. So, are there certified gluten-free brands of yogurt available?

To answer this question, I have listed all of the leading brands of yogurt in this article along with the gluten status of each one. Some have been gluten-free for a long time while others are just starting to acknowledge their gluten content and looking for a gluten-free alternative. This list should help give you an idea of just which kinds of yogurt are safe and which ones are not.

Stonyfield Farm  – This New Hampshire-based company produces many different types of yogurts and smoothies that are available in most grocery stores. This company even offers soy yogurt for those who are avoiding dairy. Each of Stonyfield’s yogurt products, which the exception of YoToddler Plus Fruit & Cereal, is certified gluten-free by GFCO.

Dannon Yogurt– Dannon is a popular yogurt brand since they offer a huge variety of flavors and styles of yogurt. However, the company states that it does not consider its yogurt products to be gluten-free since “the natural system for stabilizing flavor might contain ingredients derived from gluten sources.” This statement also applies to Oikos Greek Yogurt since this is a Dannon-based product.

Yoplait Yogurt– Yoplait, a division of General Mills, has a detailed list on which of their yogurt products are gluten-free. You can find that list on their website. A spokesperson for the Yoplait company said that most, but not all, of the Yoplait yogurt products are included on the gluten-free list. For example, the Yoplait parfaits with granola are not gluten-free since they contain oats and barley. Definitely, check the labels when buying Yoplait yogurt. I would advise that if you are sensitive to gluten cross-contamination, then, do not buy this brand of yogurt.

Cabot Yogurt– As well as providing well-known types of cheese, this Vermont-based brand also produces Greek-style yogurt in seven different flavors. These include plain, blueberry and vanilla bean. The company statement is that, “all of Cabot’s products are gluten-free. Any and all ingredients, anti-caking agents, etc. are researched and verified to be gluten-free.” I would highly recommend this brand of yogurt as well as Stonyfield Farm yogurt since both of these brands are well-known for being allergen-free and all-natural.

Chobani Yogurt – Chobani offers a wide variety of yogurts including, Greek-style plain yogurt, basic flavors (such as Strawberry and Vanilla) and specialty flavors (like Blood Orange and Chocolate Chunk). According to the company’s statement, all of their varieties are naturally gluten-free. Plus, each of their yogurts are certified gluten-free by GFCO.

Fage Yogurt – Fage manufactures Greek-style yogurt in their signature split cups with fruit or honey based toppings on one side and yogurt on the other. Each of these products are considered to be gluten-free, according to the company. However, they are not certified gluten-free. Still, Fage yogurt should be perfectly safe for most gluten-free eaters.

Voskos Yogurt – This is yet another company that produces thick, Greek-style yogurt. The company states that its yogurt is gluten-free. Just make sure to steer clear of Voskos Plus Granola flavors since these are definitely not gluten-free as they contain rolled-wheat as the first ingredient. Other than that, this yogurt brand is perfectly safe.

So, you can enjoy yogurt the same way that you did before you started the gluten-free diet. Just exercise a little extra caution when trying new brands or flavors so that you don’t become “glutened” on account of when pesky wheat ingredient. Yes, it is possible to love food again!

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