Gluten Free Snacks – Ideas to Satisfy Hunger Cravings

Gluten Free Snacks

In case you belong the ever growing group of the gluten intolerant, or are just seeking gluten free products to enhance your health, there are a lot of ways to meet your needs.

While there are a lot of pre-packaged, processed gluten free snacks currently available on the market, it is a better idea to assemble your snacks from healthier ingredients. Find out how.

Currently, there are several options available to you you when trying to create a healthy gluten free snack.

Gluten Free Snacks Options

Even though you can purchase a variety of gluten free products from food stores; it is advisable (and more nutritious) to prepare the snacks yourself.

Therefore, you need to furnish yourself with information on recipes, ingredients and supplies that will coincide with your diet plan.

The products should be able “fill in the gaps” to provide the required dietary needs that your body requires.

Some of the gluten free snacks that are safe, healthy and easy to prepare are:

  1. Marinated Carrots: Slice fresh or gluten-free canned carrots, then soak the slices in spices or a salad dressing of your choice (preferably without MSG).
  2. Boiled eggs are an energizing snack – try crushing one in a bowl and add butter and spices to it like garlic, pepper, and/or salt
  3. Roasted or raw sunflower seeds are crunchy and delicious
  4. Cold fruit slices – such as mangoes, apples, or oranges are refreshing, especially in the summer months
  5. Oven baked potatoes: are a good source of carbohydrates. Slice potatoes and bake them in the oven and sprinkle them with paprika, sea vegetable seasoning, or Himalayan salt
  6. Homemade popcorn is healthy when consumed in small quantities using an air popper or prepared on the stove. (I do not recommend microwave popcorn since it is not as healthy and does not taste as good).
  7. Roasted peanuts – only if you do not have an allergy to them
  8. Soya milkshake is rich in protein
  9. Dried apricots sprinkled with chocolate: To make this snack nutritious, add other dried fruits such as dried bananas or prunes to it

Gluten free recipes – Creating them from Common Ingredients

To prepare gluten free meals or snacks requires creativity as you need to observe various nutritional basics. The recipes should be wholesome, compatible, easy to digest and affordable. You can use the following natural gluten free ingredients in your recipe formulation:

  1. Fresh, frozen or canned fruits
  2. Coconut flakes
  3. Soya flour
  4. Fresh eggs
  5. Honey
  6. Baked beans
  7. Rice, Almond, or Soy Milk
  8. Sweet or Irish Potatoes
  9. Assortment of plain nuts
  10. Hummus – made from cooked, mashed chickpeas

The above ingredients can be used in various forms – such as in prepared drinks, bites-sized snacks or wholesome meals. Your recipe can include two or more of the above ingredients to prepare nutritious gluten free food. To ensure the snacks are not contaminated with gluten-laden products, it is advisable to keep the products in container tight lids. Also, you need to buy the ingredients from credible food market sources that explicitly guarantee against cross contamination.

Healthy Gluten free Products Available in Grocery Stores and Online

For times that you are unable to get gluten free ingredients you can opt for ready made, prepared products sold in food stores. The snacks packages should be labeled gluten-free by the producers. Some of the snacks you can purchase from the credible food stores are:

  1. Frozen pizzas that are wheat free
  2. Plain frozen fruit cake
  3. Wheat free pastas
  4. Multi-grain bread specifically marked as “gluten-free”

The recipes will provide you nutritious cakes, shakes, bread, crackers or refreshing gluten free drinks. Hence, you have a broad selection of nutritious free gluten snacks that are both delicious and good for you.

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