Gluten-Free Graham Crackers – They Hit the “Spot”

Gluten Free Graham Crackers

Perhaps you can recall happily munching on graham crackers for an after-school snack with your little brothers and sisters.

Personally, I think that no childhood would be complete without eating graham crackers for snacks.

In my own family, graham crackers were an extra-special treat because my Mom and sisters loved them.

Traditionally, graham crackers are made with finely-ground unbleached wheat flour, wheat bran and germ coarsely ground. Often, they are sweetened with honey as opposed to normal baking sugars.

Certain kinds of graham crackers are topped with a thick layer of cinnamon, sugar or chocolate. They are also a vital ingredient in s’mores, a popular dessert or snack for adults and kids alike.

Just by glancing at the ingredients of graham crackers stated above, it is obvious that they are one of the most gluten-filled foods on the market. Except for the honey, all of the items contained in a graham cracker are wheat staples.

Logically, one would assume that graham crackers should be avoided at all costs if one has Celiac or is even just mildly sensitive to gluten.

Recently, I did some a search on the internet for gluten-free graham and was pleasantly surprised to find that there are several brands that sell pre-made gluten-free graham crackers. A lot of these taste almost the same as the traditional wheat-based graham crackers. I have listed the results of my search below as well as an evaluation of each kind.

1. Kinnikinnick Gluten-Free Smoreable Graham Style Crackers

These completely gluten-free crackers are slightly crunchier than traditional graham crackers, but they have the distinct taste of wheat-based graham. These crackers are great for gluten-free s’mores because they are harder than their gluten counterparts. They taste great on their own, with gluten-free cream cheese or peanut butter. Besides, this brand is easy to locate online and in most grocery stores.

2. Annie’s Homegrown Gluten-Free Cocoa and Vanilla Bunny Cookies

Remember the bunny-shaped graham crackers you used to love so much as a kid? Bunny crackers or cookies were definitely one of my favorite snacks growing up. These gluten-free bunny cookies are a wonderful snack for kids with gluten sensitivity or Celiac. The cocoa cookies have a distinct chocolate taste and the vanilla cookies have the traditional vanilla flavor you would expect in a gluten snack. You can easily find these cookies on the internet, at Whole Foods Market and, even, in certain grocery store chains.

3. Jo-Sef Gluten-Free Cinnamon Graham Crackers

These gluten-free crackers are an excellent quality; they taste great and make a good crust for pies and cheesecakes. This particular brand may not be readily available in local grocery stores, however, you can always find it on Amazon. You can even buy a 12-pack online, that way you will always have some on hand and you won’t have to buy them often.

So, give one of these brands a try and you might be surprised to find that you can enjoy authentic gluten-free crackers that taste close to the real thing! Serve them to kids and parents alike and observe their looks of amazement when you tell them that these crackers are gluten-free!

Image courtesy Andrea Goh

Clare Fecteau