Gluten Free Food List – Gluten Free Foods “by Nature”

Gluten Free Food List

It can be so hard to figure out just which foods are gluten-free and which foods are not. There are so many different food items which claim to be gluten-free.

Some types of food need to be specifically labeled “gluten-free” in order for you to safely buy them, while others do not require labels. Some foods are just naturally made without gluten.

The trick involved, in entering your local grocery store, is knowing which foods are naturally gluten-free. In order to make your shopping trip a little easier, here is a detailed list of gluten free foods – items which will always be gluten-free.

Most dairy products are naturally gluten-free (if you are sensitive to dairy like us, use sparingly)

  • Butter – as long as there are no additives; be sure to check the different brands
  • Milk – as long as it is made without additives; be sure to check the brands
  • Cream – without additives; be sure to check the different brands
  • Cheese and cheese spreads – provided that nothing was added as a thickener
  • Buttermilk – without additives; check the brand to make sure
  • Yogurt – look only for brands specifically labeled gluten-free; gluten or wheat is often added to yogurt
  • Cottage cheese – check for other ingredients; otherwise, it should be gluten-free
  • Cheese alternative – looks for brands labeled gluten-free just to be sure
  • Half & Half – always look for additives
  • Sour cream – check for additives or other ingredients
  • Margarine and similar spreads – only buy brands labeled gluten-free (though I don’t recommend using margarine except in very limited quantities)

Many drinks are naturally gluten-free

  • Carbonated drinks – it is best to purchase brands specifically labeled gluten-free; wheat is usually added to soft drinks
  • Coffee – without additives and other ingredients
  • Apple cider
  • Energy drinks – check for additives
  • Flavored water
  • Hot Cocoa and chocolate mixes – it’s best to buy brands labeled gluten-free
  • Juice drink boxes – always check the labels
  • Fruit drinks – check the labels for additives
  • Smoothies and shakes – look for gluten-free labels
  • Sports Drinks – most are gluten-free, but, just the same, check the labels
  • Tea, Tea drinks and Tea boxes – check the ingredients in the mixes

Some cooking products are naturally made without gluten

  • Baking soda and powder – almost always gluten-free, but, check the labels, just in case
  • Cocoa powder – provided that cocoa is the only ingredient
  • Coconut
  • Food coloring – check the ingredients before buying
  • Honey – check labels for additives or cross contamination
  • Oil and oil spray – look on the label for additives; watch for cross contamination
  • Fresh, frozen and some canned fruits
  • Fresh, frozen and some canned vegetables
  • Meat – without additives
  • Fresh seafood
  • Olives
  • Peppers
  • Pickles
  • Dried Fruit
  • Nuts – check the labels for gluten ingredients
  • Popcorn – read the labels

These are some of the most common naturally gluten-free foods, with “naturally” meaning that you do not necessarily have to buy the kind labeled “gluten-free.” It is important to keep this in mind when purchasing your weekly groceries. Knowing which types of food are naturally gluten-free will save you a lot of time and effort in your regular shopping.

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