Gluten Free Diet Plan – Where Should I Begin?

Gluten Free Diet Plan

Eating gluten free has many advantages and it is well worth following a gluten free meal plan. If you are having bowel problems and find that you are listless or often tired, you could potentially be suffering from a gluten intolerance.

The dilemma that most people face when wanting to eat gluten free is finding a gluten free meal plan they can follow. For your benefit, a few easy to make gluten and dairy free recipes you can use in your plan are included herein.

There are a few basic foods that you need to stay away from when you want to eat gluten free.

Foods to Avoid When Intolerant to Gluten

It would be in your best interest to know which foods to avoid when following a gluten free diet plan. These would include basic foods like bread, pastas, flour based treats like pizzas and cakes. It is important to note that all wheat, barley, rye, oats and malt should be avoided. It is imperative to check all labels when shopping.

By avoiding these foods and changing your diet, you should soon experience greater energy levels, better looking skin, diminished depression, less of a bloated feeling and stomach discomforts should disappear.

People usually feel more mentally alert when changing to a gluten free lifestyle.

Gluten Free Meal Ideas

Eating gluten free entails choosing foods such as fresh meats, vegetables and fruit. Gluten free meals can still be interesting and have a lot of variety as can be seen from these recipes. Here are some recipes that you may want to try as part of your plan.

Nutty Rice Salad with Tasty Dressing Recipe

Salad Ingredients
1 cup brown rice, cooked for 30 minutes
1 tsp Himalayan rock salt
1 cup chopped pecan nuts
whole lettuce leave
1 or 2 stalks of celery sliced thin
black or yellow pepper
handful of raisins or Goji berries

Dressing Ingredients
1/4 cup of olive oil
1 full tbsp of honey
1/4 fresh lemon juiced

Add all ingredients to cooked rice and top with dressing.

Serves 2

Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Mouse Ingredients
1 Large banana
1 Ripe avocado
1 Heaped tbsp of unsweetened cocoa powder
1 full Tbsp. honey or agave nectar
2 Blocks of dark mint grated chocolate

Place all ingredients in a blender or smoothie maker and mix until smooth. Serve in two small bowls and top with grated chocolate.

Serves 1 or 2

Millet Kedgeree and Vegetables Recipe

2 cups of millet
1 tsp Himalayan Rock Salt
17.6 oz of Haddock
4 scrambled eggs (no milk)
grated goat cheese

Boil millet in 2 cups of water and 1/2 tsp salt on medium heat for 15 to 20 minutes.
Set aside or keep on low heat. Place haddock in pan and add water.
Boil for 5 to 6 minutes and then flake it.
Place millet in serving dish and add scrambled eggs, flaked fish and mix all together.
Top with grated goat cheese.

Serve with one of the following veggies – Steamed broccoli topped with orange juice; Grated raw peeled beetroot or parsnips topped with lemon juice. You could also include veggies of your choice.

Serves 4

It is truly worthwhile to follow a gluten free diet plan as you get to experience positive changes within your body and mind. Give it a try and see if your sick and tired body gains more energy. You may also discover that you have an increased your positive outlook on life after eliminating gluten from your diet.

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Tricia Fecteau

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