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Gluten Free Flour Mix

Gluten Free Flour Mix – Secrets to Making it Taste Right

Gluten Free Flour Mix – Secrets to Making it Taste Right

The hardest part of being on the gluten-free diet is the fact that we can no longer use wheat-based, multi-purpose flour for baking. In fact, for us, it was practically impossible to use the same gluten-free flours to make pies, cakes and cookies. I remember testing a few baked goods that tasted so weird, no

Gluten Intolerance Symptoms

Have you ever suspected that you, yourself or someone else close to you might possibly have gluten intolerance? It can be very difficult to know for sure. Even doctors have trouble identifying gluten intolerance because the symptoms are so vast. Not to mention, health issues caused by gluten can easily be mistaken for some other

What is Gluten?

Have you ever wondered what gluten really is? Are you actually aware of all the different things that contain gluten? Perhaps if you are gluten sensitive or know someone who is gluten sensitive, you have thought about researching this term. Read on; not only is the answer to this question given below, but also certain