Are Marshmallows Gluten-Free?

Marshmallows are one of those food items that are always a great favorite with adults and children. Most of us love to toast them over an open fire in the summer, combine them with chocolate and graham crackers to make s’mores on an afternoon or pop them into our mug of hot chocolate on a cold winter day. Obviously, marshmallows are a staple ingredient in a large number of popular treats. But, when you develop gluten allergies, you start to wonder about each food item: “is it gluten-free?” The same applies for marshmallows. Do they contain any type of gluten? Read on to find the answer.

Good news! The two main marshmallow companies in the U.S.A., Kraft Foods Inc. and Doumak Inc., both produce marshmallows that do not contain gluten. Marshmallows are one of these foods that do not need any form of gluten content added in order to make them better. Therefore, you will not have to be super cautious when you’re looking to purchase them in the store.

Kraft manufactures Jet puffed marshmallows in many different sizes ranging from mini (add these to your hot chocolate) to jumbo (toast these over a campfire).This brand acknowledges any gluten-filled ingredients on its labels. While Kraft’s marshmallows are not specifically labeled gluten-free, it is known that they, in fact, do not have gluten in them. Also, they are not subject to gluten cross-contamination. Kraft marshmallows are offered in all the standard grocery stores, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding them.

Doumak is a company that manufactures marshmallows only and each of their products are gluten-free. This brand produces regular campfire marshmallows as well as marshmallows for private store brands such as CVS, Stop n’ Shop and Wal-mart. Therefore, Doumak’s marshmallows are about as easy to locate as the Kraft kind.

A food trend that is quickly gaining popularity is marshmallow peeps. At first, they were only available for Easter, but now they are offered in many shapes and sizes for lots of other holidays. Marshmallow peeps are manufactured by a company called “Just Born.” The company specifically labels their peeps “gluten-free” as long as they have not been processed in a gluten facility. So, when shopping for marshmallow peeps, just rely on the label. If the words, “gluten-free” are clearly printed on the label, then they are safe to eat.

Nothing changes, where marshmallows are concerned, once you go on the gluten-free diet. You can still purchase the standard Kraft ones as usual or the Doumak ones that are labeled “gluten-free” from the grocery store. You will continue to enjoy mini marshmallows in your gluten-free hot chocolate (see my article on gluten-free chocolate) and you can still toast marshmallows over an open fire during the summer. You can even make s’mores with gluten-free chocolate and gluten-free graham crackers (see my article on gluten-free graham crackers). Being gluten-free will never deprive you of the foods that you have always loved. Enjoy living the gluten-free lifestyle!

Tricia Fecteau

I have tried to share what I have learned years in my book called "Gluten-Free with Love" available on Amazon and on my website. I want to help you in your journey to good health.