Almond Milk vs Rice Milk – Which tastes better and more healthy for you?

Almond Milk vs Rice Milk

Rice milk is a popular milk substitute for Celiacs and gluten intolerants mainly because of its ready availability and low cost. However, many people have found that rice milk does not taste nearly as good as almond milk.

But, exactly what are the health benefits of these substitutes? Is rice milk healthier than almond milk? I decided to look into these questions in more detail…

Contrary to what most people think, rice milk has very little nutritional value. Fortunately, most manufacturers solve this problem by fortifying the rice milk with vitamins and calcium before it is sold to customers. But, even after being fortified, rice milk does not have as much protein as cow’s milk.

Almond milk, on the other hand, contains a variety of vitamins and minerals; in fact, it contains so much nutrition that fortification is not needed. Some of the nutrients found in almond milk are: magnesium, phosphorous, fiber, zinc, calcium and vitamin E.

Plus, almonds contain a good amount of protein, so, naturally, almond milk has a high level of this nutrient.

One well-known fact about rice milk is that it contains very little calories and fat. While it is true that rice milk only has 3 grams of fat per serving and 140 calories per serving, it is also true that almond milk is just as low or even lower in fat and calories than rice milk.

Almond milk has the same amount of fat as rice milk: 3 grams per serving. But, its calorie amount is a mere 40 calories per serving- 100 calories less than rice milk.

Almond milk is definitely the healthier alternative not only because of its high amount of nutrients, but also because of its low number of calories and grams of fat. Although you might have to pay a little bit more in order to regularly purchase almond milk, the amount of nutrition you gain is worth it.

Not to mention, almond milk tastes much better than rice milk. Even this author, who was gluten intolerant for many years, personally prefers almond milk to any other milk substitute.

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    My husband’s fatorive sweet treat is the classic chocolate chip cookie. I tried this recipe out on him to see if it would pass the cookie test and it was a huge success! We both prefer these to the usual Nestle cookie recipe. I’ve made them twice now in the last two weeks. Have you ever tried using Agave with these instead of sugar? I’m just curious if they would hold up. Thank you for sharing!